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Just in time for the big(gest) sport event in the USA, the Super Bowl LI – here are some of my sport events trackers!

I love watching all kinds of sports. I am especially fond of soccer (Go Germany!), but I tend to watch quite a lot of other sports as well, oftentimes when it is time for a World Cup, European Championship or (in this case) Super Bowl. Early on in my first bullet journal last year I added little doodles for special sport events. I haven’t really gotten the hang of using monthly memory spreads, but I quite enjoy doodling some (important) memories in my dailies – those include major sporting events!


Super Bowl



It is finally time for the Super Bowl LI this Sunday, February 5! As you all probably know it will be the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons. I didn’t really want to track much more than the final score, so I added some doodles (their logos are way more difficult that I thought!) Unfortunately, since I am in Germany right now, I will have to watch the game the night from Sunday to Monday, it won’t be over until about 4am my time. So I do hope that the game will be exciting!




This is last year’s doodle. You can tell that I had just started my bullet journal about a month earlier and still was finding my way – to better handwriting and more creative doodles. Apparently, I didn’t even care about the end score. I love seeing how different doodles or trackers evolve!





What a great time! UEFA EURO 2016 in France! It was the first big championship after Germany took the World Cup in 2014  we didn’t even get to the finale this time, but what a grand time nonetheless!




On the top I tracked the group phase with the countries in each group in red. Beneath, due to space issues, I used the official short code for all countries. I was unfamiliar with some, so I was very glad I had added the country names somewhere. I also added the dates and times of the games – I wanted to catch as many games as I could! This way it was easy check quickly what games were on.




After the group phase I added the teams which advanced to the Round of 16 (this was the first time in a European Championship that a Round of 16 was added, before only 8 teams advanced right to the quarterfinals). After the group phase and some mix-and-match for the Round of 16 it was really easy to create the spread. The teams stay in their little “clusters”.

  • Round of 16 1-4 will advance to Quarterfinals 1-2 and will provide one of the finalists
  • Round of 16 5-8 will advance to Quarterfinals 3-4 and will provide the other finalist

This way I was able to use the left side of my double-spread for the “cluster” 1 and the right side for “cluster” 2.  I only had to join them again for the finale. Thank you UEFA for making bullet journaling the EURO so easy!




What a great tournament! I got to enjoy Germany’s last game in the tournament poolside in Las Vegas – quite a consolidation for our loss!


Some Additional Inspiration – RIO 2016 Olympics


Ashlyn from @nittany_bujo created this wonderful spread to have the Rio Olympics schedule on hand. It is quite simple but that is what makes it all them more beautiful.


Becky from @painted_illustrated has this beautiful, brown-papered bullet journal where she tracked which kind of events she watched and the total medals for Great Britain. It definitely works well as a tracker if you’re not interested in any more detailed info about the events themselves. I’m sure I will take this as an inspiration for next time the Olympics come around!


Really simple, but very pretty (US) medals count by @bujoandcoffee.


Do you like to track sport events in your bullet journal? Are you excited for the Super Bowl? New England Patriots or Atlanta Falcons?



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