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Planning my trip to Mexico City

This April I am taking a trip to Mexico City, because my best friend is getting married! She asked me to be her bestie-of-honor and I obviously said yes. Immediately I got to planning the trip. I will have some time to explore Mexico City while still being there to help with any pre-wedding prep and then on the last weekend it will be church bells and wedding gown time.

First Steps

First things first, my general planning pages. This is the most important travel planning page for me, all the others are awesome but I could do without them. On this page I write down my flight information, Hotel/AirBnB reservations, and anything else that is uber-important. I’d put down stuff like rental car information on this page too. But since I didn’t get a rental, no need for an empty spot for that info. Thankfully the bullet journal is so flexible that you can individualize everything. For this vacation I also added the time-differences to Germany to be able to keep them straight (and to know when I can call my Mama). And the most important wedding info – where and whens – and the gift also found their way on this first page. I had to blur the wedding present part just in case the bride reads this (hi Andrea! 😄)

Mexico City Outline

When planning for my trip to London I did a city outline and I loved it so much I had to create another one! Also, you can get a free printable of the Mexico City outline on an A5 dotted page as a free printable! Get it in the Amazingly Marvelites library (if you’re not a member yet, you can sign up right now ⬇️)

Become an Amazingly Marvelite

Packing List

I love having (and creating) a packing list. I tend to forget something essential like my toothbrush or pjs. Therefore, it is super important for me to write down way in advance what I want/need to bring on a vacation/trip. This time, in addition to the regular stuff like clothes and toiletries, I cannot forget to pack the veil and boutonnieres (or I’d fail epically as the maid-of-honor!). Also, the dress I am wearing for the civil wedding should definitely make it into my bag!

City Map and Short Itinerary 

My newest addition to my travel pages (since London) – the map! It it so much work but I love to add places I want to visit beforehand and continue adding them while on the trip. The weird looking, L-shaped box is for a quick-look itinerary my best friend made for me. Not sure if I will actually use it, but I do like the idea of it. I used my Prang Watercolor Paint Cakes to create the outlines for the map and box, I do like the colors and they hardly bleed at all in my Leuchtturm1917, but they take forever to dry! Next time I need to make sure not to use such a thick layer.


How do you use your journal to plan your trips? Do you have any fun and exciting trips planned this year? Maybe also over Easter?









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