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New York City Travel Planning by TheCopperBujo

I am so excited to bring you this week’s blog post: the first guest blog post on amazinglymarvelous! And I couldn’t think of anyone better to kick of the guests posts (I hope there are many more in the future!) than Berthe from TheCopperBujo over on Instagram! We got talking about our different ideas about travel journaling and I am happy to say we are now great, lefty, bullet journaling friends. She agreed to write this post about her trip to New York City, some of you might have seen some of her pictures over on Facebook or Instagram. Anyway, I don’t want to keep you from the actual post any longer. Enjoy!




My Trip to New York City

Hi all! My name is Berthe, I’m a Dutch vegan leftie who started her bullet journal in March 2017. Three months later I’m as addicted as can be 😄 End of March I started my bujo Instagram account @TheCopperBujo and not long after that I met Ann-Kathrin there. Lettering lefties with bullet journals need to stick together, right? Obviously, I was very delighted when Ann-Kathrin asked me to write a guest post for her blog. She was actually a great inspiration for my travel bullet journal, but shhht, don’t tell her 😉

A few weeks ago I went to New York City for eight days, it was my first trip since starting my bullet journal. On previous journeys I always tried to do some form of journaling, but so far I never managed to keep it up during the full trip. I would write about the first three days and then miss one day, figured I couldn’t do day five without day four, get behind even more, and just drop it all together… So I wasn’t sure I would journal all the way through this trip, but in the end I was really happy that I did!


Packing List and Important Data

After booking our tickets and hotel, I started the first two pages – a packing list and an overview of the important travel data. You might recognize the city outline of New York which was obviously based on some of the wonderful work of Ann-Kathrin! The content of the packing list has been the same for many years and trips, changing based on duration and location of the journey. I really do need a packing list, because otherwise I always forget one or more items. But after adding flight and hotel information, I had quite some space left open. I wanted to add a cute little drawing of a carryon suitcase and a backpack below the packing list, but I figured the public transport map would be of more use.


City Overview and Schedule

Next, I created an overview map of Manhattan and a schedule for our week in New York City. I drew the map first in pencil copying it from a picture I found online. It took quite some time, as I’m not very good at drawing, but I was really pleased with the result! During our stay I marked the areas we visited – it was really fun to see how the map slowly got filled. The schedule was initially also done in pencil since we weren’t sure yet what we would do on which day. After each day I finalized the schedule of that day in pen, creating a cute overview of what we did during our trip.



After that I thought about drawing maps for the different areas in the city, but that was until I studied the maps for a while ‘:-D So when I found a map that exactly fitted four spreads, I was over the moon! I just glued it in and marked the places we really wanted to visit. During each day I traced our walks (lines) and public transportation trips (dashed). For each day I used a different colour so I could easily retrace where we were on which day. At the end of the week I added some pieces from other maps for parts of the city we visited that were not on the original map.


Money spent

Because I traveled with my boyfriend and we both used our own bank accounts, we decided to make a tracker for the money we spent and if we paid each other back. We only used this for when one of us paid something for the both of us or if one paid something for the other, so not when we both paid our own part or when he bought Civil War books and I bought lots of journals and pens. 😉 Maybe next time I will also add a tracker for those things, because it would be nice to see how much I spend on such stuff and on the vacation all together. For now I was really happy I had this tracker and when I received a crisp freshly printed one dollar bill at the bank, I decided to tape it in here – Just for the fun of it!


Must see

I started off with a simple must see list that I could check off. But then I suddenly had the idea to bring my Fuji Instax camera which makes Polaroid-like pictures and use them to “check off” the things I wanted to see! I decided on fifteen things and created eighteen “check boxes,” just in case I would find more things that I really had to see before I left. And of course I did! So next to the sightseeing things as the Empire State Building I could include pictures of MUJI store and Michaels. 😁 Not all pictures came out perfect, but I still like the idea and have the memories (and digital pictures 😉).



After the preparations came the journal pages. I created one or two per day, to record some of the highlights I really wanted to remember. I had nothing concrete in mind on what to add, so I just went into every spread with whatever I came to mind! Some days I felt like drawing, some days like writing, and some days I didn’t have a clue and just did whatever to fill the page. 😉 So my journal pages are a random combination of colours and pencil, words and pictures, lettering and stickers. One big bright mix that is so me and for me really sums up our New York City trip!




I’m very glad I used my bullet journal to prepare and journal my trip, I still flip through it almost daily just to feel a bit like I’m still there. You want to see a complete flip through of my journal with all of my journaling pages or the supplies I used for my pages? Go check out my @TheCopperBujo Instagram feed!




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