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January Set Up


The new year has already started and I hope you all had a lot of fun setting up their January spreads. I wanted to take this time to show you mine. I move into a brand new, bright yellow Leuchtturm1917 for the new year. It worked out well since only a hand full of pages remained in my beautiful 2016 bullet journal (also a Leuchtturm1917 but it lime green). This meant a new journal for a new year. But also, a lot of work! I had to transfer quite a number of spreads over to my new journal, you can find my post on my 2017 set up this here.

Without any further ado, here are some pictures of my January set up …



I absolutely LOVE my January header! Especially my lettering for the word “January,” I totally nailed that J! The snowflakes are in hope for some snow in January, Christmas here was way too warm. I used a black Staedtler fineliner to draw the snowflakes  and a Tombow Dual Brush pen to give them a little blue hint. It’s so simple, but I love it anyway! Apparently sometimes you need to go the simple route…


January Memories


I’ve never had a memories page before and I decided for the new year to try one. I am practicing my doodles whenever I can, but I am not sure I am good enough for a memories page yet. I want to include small memories as well, the little things that make your day. As you can see I already drew some memories, we had the first snow and, obviously, the new year.


Weekly Spreads


Again, something new (well kind of). I decided to re-try my hand at weekly spread. I had used them for a while in the beginning of 2016, but decided to just go with daily spreads sometime in the middle of the year. Since I am using a calendex for m future planning, some weeks got a little hectic when I didn’t have a weekly overview. For the first time I used the diagonally spread – totally in love! Maybe also because of the green color scheme.

I’m also experimenting with habit trackers. My monthly habit trackers only got filled out until mid-month and then the rest was blank, so I stopped using them. Maybe involving my habit tracker in my weekly spread with help me with actually keeping track of things. I am dedicated to try my hand at different methods until I find one that works.


Are you trying anything new this month? Have you struggled with a spread you really wanted to work?



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