Who wants to play BUJINGO?!?

Judith from @mysocalledbujo  and I are beyond excited to share with all of you bullet journaling enthusiasts out there a little something we propose to call #BUJingO (Bullet Journaling and Bingo)! For the month of July (maybe even more!), we’ve created a bingo board with 25 prompts that we hope will challenge and inspire you!

Don’t know what the game is or how to participate? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

#BUJingO on Instagram

Are you in?

  1. Follow me (Ann-Kathrin) @amazinglymarvelous and Judith @mysocalledbujo over on Instagram.
  2. Download the prompts below. You can print out the BUJingO card and glue it into your journal!
  3. Spread the word by posting about the challenge, using the hashtag #BUJingO and whatever other ones you normally use.
  4. Respond to the prompts whenever you can by posting a photo, sharing your ideas, and use the hashtag. It’s never too late to jump in! There is no specific order for the posts, and no need to post every day (unless you want to!).  Get creative with your interpretation of the slots! 😄
  5. Check out the other posts in the hashtag – engage by liking, commenting, and asking questions!
  6. And before you ask … the “Wildcard” slot is exactly what it sounds like use this one to post whatever you’d like – a spread, your workspace, supplies, what you drink/listen to while journaling – anything!

Instagram BUJingO card

(click on the picture)

Bujingo Instagram

Downloadable File 

(click on the picture)

Have fun!