Welcome to amazinglymarvelous!

I’m Ann-Kathrin, nice to meet you! I am so happy you made your way here!

I love all things journaling, travel and coffee related – with a healthy dose of nerdiness. I am glad you found your way to my marvelous blog. Now, sit back, relax with a nice cuppa joe, and get inspired!

A little background about myself… I got my Masters in English Literature from the University of Massachusetts and after some time working in Boston, traveling and living in Vancouver, I have found my way back to my roots in Germany (for now :-)). I live in Darmstadt which is not too far from Frankfurt, which is awesome because Frankfurt has a huge international airport from where I can reach most destinations all over the world. Just recently I started my new job at a company concerned with sustainable travel as a Communications Manager.

I love to travel and want to see every nook and cranny in the world! But I will settle for experiencing new countries, cultures, food, and spots to journal as often as I can get away with it.

I got into bullet journaling in January of 2016 (if you have never heard of it check out Ryder Carroll and his Bullet Journal, he started it all!) Since then I have been active in this great community and found my way to travel journaling. It combines by two greatest passions – journaling and traveling! I now plan all my travels in my journal and document where I have been. All, obviously, with a heavy dose of nerdiness. Thank Thor I am not the only one out there who loves all those things!

13 fun facts about myself: 

  1. My favorite superheroes are Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr. might have something to do with it) and Deadpool
  2. I (almost) always wear something nerdy… necklace, socks, T-shirt, shoes …
  3. I am a serial binge-watcher 😄 (My latest bout was Supernatural and I have found a new love!)
  4. I am left-handed
  5. I make a mean grilled watermelon (yes it exists and it’s delicious)
  6. I have three tattoo
  7. I love traveling – I’d love to see the whole world. One of my favorite ways to travel is by horseback. I’ve done weeklong trail rides in Iceland, Ireland, and Oregon so far
  8. I had a horse growing up, Nuja was a Norwegian Fjord and I love her to pieces
  9. I am an only-child with 11 siblings (3 step and 8 “adopted” from my former host family)
  10. I own more than 300 pens and pencils
  11. Learning handlettering is my newest hobby – it was quite challenging in the beginning, being left-handed and all
  12. I am an incredibly fast reader
  13. I love to cook and bake (my favorites to make are cupcakes and butterbeer  ⚯͛ )

Thank you for visiting and please join me and my amazingly marvelous traveling journal again soon!