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4 Things I Learned My First Month Bullet Journaling

Where do you start? That must be the first question any bullet journalist asks when entering their first month bullet journaling. Here are 4 things I learn in my very first month!


1. Don’t worry about making a mistake

I made plenty of mistakes in the beginning (who am I kidding, I still do!). But don’t worry you’ll find your bullet journaling grove. I have to admit in the beginning I did use quite some white-out, I didn’t like seeing my mistakes and I don’t think it is wrong to hide them. You can also use some well placed stickers or washi tape. Or try making the mistake into something else!

2. Find out what you like

Finding out what you like might seem daunting, but you will, I promise!

Try new things, find out what works for you and what doesn’t, get some inspiration off Instagram and Pinterest. Don’t be discouraged by others who have figured out what they like or that are amazing artist and can doodle like no other.

I started off with pre-making my daily pages and ending up needing more space or way less space a number of times. At that point I decided: enough is enough! No more pre-making dailies … I would set up my next daily either the night before or in the morning (I was am way too lazy many nights). I know for some setting up your daily pages in advance is working quite well, but I do know it is just not for everyone.

3. Personalize it – make it your own

It wasn’t hard for me to find out that I had basically pick up where I left off with my Moleskine Weekly Notebook Diary/Planner I had been using for several years. The Moleskine has weekly layout on the left and empty lines on the right. I had it in a pocket size, which means it was relatively small. I would routinely either run out of space on Monday (!) or both pages were mostly left blank.

Then in my first bullet journal l was doing the exact same thing!!

Not long into the journey (and into the year) I started making the bullet journal system work for me!

It involved more mistakes (can you tell I tried my hand at flowers – for the first time!), trial and error with my daily headers, and weather trackers, but I started to feel at home in my bullet journal! It started to feel like MINE!

4. Have your own key

I saw that everyone already embarked on the bullet journal journey (oh, say that three times super fast :)) had a key. So I definitely need one too! Well… before you go out and copy someone else’s key, think about what symbols and shortcuts you really need. It would’ve been so much better if I had just started out with appointments, tasks/to-do entries, birthdays, and holidays. Those I absolutely need (still!). The rest from my first key, not so much. Not once have I used the heart, question mark, or note dot.

What have you learned in your first months bullet journaling? What have been your biggest worries?



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