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2017 Set Up

Happy New Year everyone!


Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one. – Brad Paisley


Everyone excited for the new year? For all the new challenges and new memories? Setting up a new bullet journal or turning the page (maybe you don’t feel like wasting those 100 pages) to set up a new year is quite exciting, at least it is for me. I don’t really buy into all this new beginning for a new year, I think you can decide to change something in your life at any time as long as you’re committed. I admire anyone who can keep a New Years resolution, I’m just not very good at it. But I do love creating my 2017 spreads, trying new things, being more creative!

I love my 2017 spreads: I decided to include some old ones and create some new ones. My future log, calendex, tv series tracker and Miracle Morning spread are ones I in 2016 already. I made some creative changes, but nothing major. I added a (superhero) movie and a book spread, as well as decided on a word of the year. See below for pictures and more info on my spreads…

Word of the year

For the first time I decided on a word of the year. Energy. I want to be more energetic this year, in my personal and professional life. In my personal life I would like to be more active, firstly, more regular workouts, especially yoga. I love yoga and any time I do do it I feel so much better. Secondly, I want to learn new things, participate in challenges and online courses, finally learn some things I have wanted to learn/get better at for years. One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is create this blog, so I guess for the month of January I have already implemented energy into my life quite well.

In addition I want to revisit my word of the year throughout my bullet journal, maybe in quotes or in other spreads.

Future Log

My future log is very simple. I only add birthdays and holidays on this spread. For all appointments I’ve decided to (again) go with a calendex. Unfortunately, this way there is a little too much page-turning involved when setting up monthlies and weeklies. For now it works for me, but I might be changing this in the (near) future.


After discovering BohoBerry’s calendex last year, I’ve been in love! It’s a little complicated system when you start but it gives me the chance to track any future appointments, dinner dates, movie premieres and even when a certain trash is going to be picked up (“Gelber Sack”) and I need to put it out on the streets. Last year this 12-month overview was enough for all my needs, but I am considering changing the system up a little bit in the following months.

Miracle Morning & Level 10 Life


(Superhero) Movies 2017

Yes, I love movies. And yes, I especially love superhero movies! I had a reminder of all Marvel and DC movies in my old bullet journal – it was a post-it note. So this time I needed something different. I love this spread, probably my favorite one. I can check when Marvel and DC movies premiere in 2017, very important because that will be the day I’ll go to the movies. In addition I added these dates in my calendex (blue dot) so I will know when to get the tickets.

What movie are you looking forward to the most in 2017? 

(mostly Superhero) TV Series Tracker

My tv series tracker is not too different from the one in 2016. I need to keep track of all those tv shows I enjoy (I love too many!). For almost all it is the current season. I also added the date the episodes air (when it’s public knowledge). Otherwise it is quite self-explanatory. Just to let you know CW moved Legends of Tomorrow to Monday nights, but it was announced just a couple days after I had already created this spread. It does nag me a little that there this “mistake” in it, but what can you do.

Books Read

This last page is super important to a bookworm like me. I want to track all the books I read, I can’t really track the ones I want to read since there are way too many. Once I finished a book I will add the title and some color to one of the books on the shelf (including page numbers).

What is your favorite spread for the new year? Did you create something you’ve been wanting to for a while?



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